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What are your greatest strengths?

Discover your Unique Ability

Quote from Frank Herbert in Dune, addressing how to face fear with mindfulness

It’s no secret that the people who feel most fulfilled and productive in their careers are those who can apply their natural strengths and talents to their work. The challenge for most people is to figure out what these natural strengths are.

I believe that everyone possesses a unique combination of

  1. what they’re good at

  2. what they’re passionate about

  3. what they enjoy.

This is called your Unique Ability.

Pinpointing your Unique Ability isn’t always easy. This is because often, your greatest strengths are so ingrained in you that you don’t perceive them as unique or special. 

Here are a few tips to help you identify your Unique Ability: 

Look beyond work - Your Unique Ability is not just about work or making money. Pay attention to the skills and habits that effortlessly come to you in various situations. Think about your interactions with your family and friends. How do you create value for them? What do they rely on you for? 

Look back - Your Unique Ability is likely a trait you've possessed since you were a child. Rather than an acquired skill, it’s something you have always been good at and enjoyed. 

Get feedback - It can be difficult to appreciate the things that come naturally to you; it’s a typical blind spot. The only solution is to get external input. Ask your colleagues, friends or family members. Your Unique Ability is often recognized by others before you grasp it yourself.

Follow the energy - when you are engaged in an activity that utilizes your Unique Ability, you feel energized, you’re in the flow. Take note of these moments and reflect on the skills at play during these instances.

Identifying your Unique Ability requires introspection and reflection, but it's a crucial step toward discovering a meaningful career path.

Moreover, by investing in the areas where you can achieve exceptional results will give you the greatest greatest opportunity for success.

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