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Portrait photo of Dominic Junghänel, founder of Mindful Career

I'm Dominic Junghänel, the founder of Mindful Career. My mission is to help people find clarity and confidence, enabling them to overcome their challenges and reach their career goals. 

I'm passionate about the work I do because coaching has had a huge impact on my own life, professionally and personally. It provided me with clarity, a sense of purpose, and enabled me to overcome my anxiety and limiting beliefs - and eventually start my own business.


But, first things first.

Born and raised in Switzerland, I moved to Japan after graduating from university and lived there for over 10 years. After working for different companies, mostly in Marketing and Communication roles, I landed a role as a Partnership Development Manager for a cross-cultural marketing agency in Tokyo. During the years that followed, I traveled extensively all over the world to negotiate and establish partnerships with clients and customers. 


My work took me to such different places as Australia, Russia, Malaysia, the US, South Korea and Dubai. It allowed me to develop a deep awareness for cultural differences and to adapt and refine my communication skills.

These skills served me well when, a few years into my job, I was put in charge of a multi-cultural team with members from seven different countries. Despite my confidence in my communication skills, I had no experience in managing other people and wasn’t sure if I was able to do a good job. This was when I started working with a leadership coach that my company provided for me.  


Coaching was a transformative experience for me. On the one hand, it helped me to get a different perspective on what it means to be a leader, and to work on myself to gain the skills and the confidence I needed. At the same time, I discovered my true values, got clarity on my mission and was able to establish a vision for myself. For the first time, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish professionally and how to set my focus and my energy to achieve my vision.

And that's what I help my clients discover today. I experienced many of the situations my clients are in myself. I know that we are often too close to ourselves, that we have our blindspots and need someone to hold up the mirror. I also know how much courage it can take to pursue your own vision, and the self-doubts and anxiety that come with it.


But most importantly, I know that with the right mindset and support, we are capable of much more than we think. 

Dominic Junghänel holding a presentation
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