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Don't feel guilty for wanting a fulfilling career

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

“I shouldn't complain, my job isn't that bad compared to others.”

“I should be happy having a job at all with so many people being out of work.”

“'At least I earn a decent salary when so many people struggle financially.”

These are statements I hear from many of my clients at some stage. They are dissatisfied with their current job, but at the same time they feel guilty for wanting more from their careers.

I recently came across a fantastic article by Natasha Stanley from Careershifters that delves into the psychology behind this phenomenon.

Here are my key takeaways and personal reflections:

⭐ The quest to find purpose in our work can create an overwhelming pressure to find the perfect job. The truth is, there's probably no single job that fulfills all of your desires. It's important to remember that life is more than work, and meaning and purpose can be found in various aspects of life.

⭐ Pursuing a fulfilling career doesn't make you selfish. In fact, many of the clients I work with end up transitioning into roles where they can support others and make a positive impact. They use their skills and talents to make a difference in the world.

⭐ While a fulfilling career doesn't mean you are happy and excited every single day, it definitely improves your overall quality of life. It increases your mental and physical health, reducing the risk of burnout. It can improve the quality of your relationships as you become more present and grounded. It also allows you to explore other interests outside of work and grow as an individual.

These last two points are the driving force behind my passion for helping others transition into more fulfilling careers. There's no need to feel guilty about maximizing your potential and making a difference.


Are you dreaming about a more fulfilling career but not sure how to make the transition? Let's have a chat to find out what opportunities you have and how to achieve your goals!

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